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Your special day: Months of planning, agonizing over the guest list, finding just the right music, putting together the perfect menu, and of course.......the perfect dress. The one thing that everyone will remember. A treasured memento to pass down to your Daughter. That is, of course, until you wake up the next day and find that half the evenings festivities have attached themselves to your dream gown! We at Hollywood Cleaners know how tragic this can be to you and to everything that gown represents. We put more time, pride, and care into your gown than anyone else in the business. Even with all the modern equipment we have at our disposal there are a few things that we will only do by hand. We put in the finest care to ensure your gown will last for generations to come.
     To guarantee quality, only three people will handle your gown. Our highly trained cleaners Mike and Laz will analyze every inch of the garment. They then begin the tireless process of treating each stain by hand in order to maintain the integrity of the material. Because we refuse to compromise our quality, this process can take up to three weeks for just one gown. We do this to ensure you get back your gown in like new condition. We will not cut corners.
     When the cleaning has been completed the gown then goes to Charlene for inspection and preservation. Charlene inspects each garment taking care to replace or reattach any missing bead, button, or decoration that may have come off during your night of dancing. Your gown is then hand pressed to remove any wrinkles. To prevent any undo stress to the garment, she lays it flat and neatly folds the gown (gown should never be on a hanger). It is then wrapped in acid free tissue paper to prevent yellowing and perfectly packed in a breathable, preservation box for easy and safe storage. Charlene will also make sure to include storage instructions to help you maintain the garment for years to come. No other cleaner in the area cares more than Hollywood when it comes to your gown. For more information please stop in or call us at anytime.

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