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Shirt Laundry

At Hollywood Cleaners we are especially proud of our Shirt Laundry. There is nothing like a shirt that has been washed and pressed in a professional laundry, cleaned like new, wrinkle free, and smartly starched. Our results cannot be duplicated at home. Our machines are computer controlled and programed which allow us to tailor the cycles to specific types of materials and garments. This, in conjunction with the use of a Premium fluid injection system, results in beautiful shirts every time. In addition, we only use a chemical free, all natural starch to create a crisp and ecologically friendly finish to each shirt.
     What sets us apart from most cleaners is our uncompromising attention to detail. Your average cleaner will wash, press, and return your garment with a "it is what it is" mentality;
NOT US. At Hollywood we analyze and pre-treat each stain before the process even begins. After your shirt is cleaned and pressed it moves to our inspection team. Charlene, Gloria and their teams hand finish and inspect every garment that is processed in our plant. If they are not 100% satisfied with the results they will pull your shirt off the line and send it to our professionally trained Spotters. There they will determine the nature of the stain and work each spot by hand until the desired results are achieved. The shirt must then go back through inspection a second time before it will sent to you. Remember, "Not all Dry Cleaners are equal". We take pride in ourselves and we take even greater pride in the way we make you look.

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